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My little rascal.

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Posted 2021-06-27 by Suefollow

I need help!
I have a 2 and half year old boy and a 5 year old girl. My son is extremely agressive and can get physically violent to both me and my daughter. I find it so hard to control him, if I say no he just loses it and starts screaming and hitting. He never listens to anything I say, if I say no and leave the room he will just help himself. He's very stubborn and once he puts his mind to something he won't take anything else.
I'm also worried for my daughter because she is the complete opposite and is so kind to him, but she is starting to want to be away from him whenever possible. He's always hurting her for no reason and she ends up crying, even before she goes to school. I've seen a dr and they just put it down to toddler behaviour.
We've tried firm talking, sending him to his room/timeout, a little smack on the hand or nappy (which I prefer not to do because it just teaches violence). I should also add that he has never been around violent behaviour.
He goes to daycare and they have had no issues what so ever except for a biting incident where he was bit first and reacted. He also does swimming lessons and toddler footy every week and I try to keep us busy on other days. But I am honestly about to lose it, I need any advice please ladies on how to stop this aggressive behaviour before it gets worse. Or if you've experienced something similar did they grow out of it or what did you do? He also has asthma when he gets sick and will have to use steroids and ventolin but this hasn't happened for months.
He can be a very sweet boy but I don't want him to hurt others or himself.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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