50/50 of everything!!!

50/50 of everything!!!

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Posted 2021-05-30 by Suefollow

I'm just wanting some advice about my current situation. I'm struggling financially, had my first baby with my partner 11 months ago and am in the process of returning to work. My partner has another child who he shares 50/50 care of. He is under the impression my child is MY responsibility and he does not need to support either of us. I never ask for assistance and have paid for ALL expenses in the last 12 months. It's to the point if we are at the grocery store, he will seperate his stuff from mine and our baby and make me pay seperate. I provide all groceries for the house except for 1 day a week (takeaway night). When I ask if he can contribute to expenses he makes a huge argument about how I wanted the child and it is my problem so I need to go back to work. He is financially very very well off, however would rather me ask for government assistance as opposed to helping me out and providing some support. I feel so alone and lost, like every time I try and talk about the situation he handballs it back to being something completely off topic about me. He is always buying himself nice items (which is fine, he works for his money so never had a problem with that). But essentially depriving your family of something such as groceries to save a few $$ is just beyond ridiculous I feel. Not only this, it continues with household expenses. We pay 50% of everything and he is always at me for doing 2 loads of washing in a day and how that is going to make a huge bill. Most days I don't use any electricity to ensure we don't get a huge bill I try and stay out for the whole day which is a huge hassle not being able to feel comfortable in our own home. I don't know where to go from here, it's really starting to impact my mental health.

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